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Building productivity through innovation

Leading the construction industry in solving the housing crisis by standardizing high-volume production and site assembly of homes.

Join the revolution
Innovating construction

Welcoming collaboration, engaging creative thinking

Join our team making homes affordable again.

White Walls

Healthy homes for life

BVB is a designer & manufacturer of construction components for the whole house.


Precision-manufactured components with an extreme focus on safety of installers and trades while exceeding 20 times faster site assembly times.


Lightweight components reduces the need for heavy equipment, reduces disruption to the neighbours and improves environmental impacts.


Research, development and innovations adding value, improving fit and finish and function into structures. Incorporating energy generation, storage, control, distribution and management into the dwelling’s structures. Prioritizing material selections to reduce green house gasses throughout the entire value stream, including our manufacturing and site assembly processes (formally know as construction).


Products and materials are chosen to deliver healthy and comfortable living.


BVB’s offering of building components are manufactured from traditional & engineered woods, steel and our own innovation in panel manufacturing using new materials to construction.  Materials reducing CO emissions by more then 30% and introducing material end of life programs for our components.

Component attachments thoughtfully reduce assembly steps, improving safety by eliminating their causes and introducing our strategy for light weighting buildings.

Accessible labour

One install team is trained and skilled to assembly an entire house

Cross trained to erect steel post & beam assemblies and

completely finish the exterior and interior to occupancy 


Research Opportunites


Invest.   Industrialize housing

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