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Tyler Choi: "An 'exceptional' time for modular homebuilding: Pacd Homes"

Through its line of modular homes, Pacd Homes believes it has found a way to reduce costs by rapidly building the components for smaller-sized housing in factories. Read the full article at 

In the Media 

AM800 CKLW | JUNE 6, 2023
The Shift on AM800 CKLW: "The Push to Build More Homes in Windsor/Essex"

Full interview available at A Guelph company is hoping to help with small homes, accessory dwelling units that can be added to your existing property.

In the Media 

Global National: "Ontario startup might have backyard solution for Canada's housing crisis"

From Many Canadians are struggling to afford a home, and industry experts warn the need for affordable housing is quickly outpacing possible solutions. As Mike Drolet explains, one Guelph, Ont. startup is pushing an idea that can be found right in backyards.

Press Release

Pacd Homes Launch Offers a Solution to the Housing Crisis

Guelph, Ontario: Pacd Homes, a residential construction company based in Guelph, Ontario, is introducing their new line of modular homes designed to address the evolving housing crisis. 

Pacd homes are environmentally sustainable, compact builds that can enable first-time home ownership, provide options for groups seeking affordable community-based housing, or expand living spaces for multigenerational families and those looking for a novel real estate investment. 


A team of local engineers and architects created Pacd’s proprietary building system, which consists of durable, lightweight components that can be rapidly assembled by hand, greatly reducing the build times, costs, and waste associated with traditional construction. The system also optimizes tradework to circumvent the trade shortage, allowing Pacd homes to be built within 6-8 weeks. 


“The housing crisis affects all of us—it’s a really tough situation with few real solutions. We wanted to bring a welcome change to home ownership for Canadians,” said Jim Marshall, President & Co-Founder of Pacd Homes. “We knew we needed to think outside of the box, so we came up with a building system to overcome the obstacles in the construction industry by incorporating unique materials. We’re proud to launch our line of modern, high-quality homes at an affordable price.”           


Customers can choose from four models ranging from single-storey to two-storey homes. “The homes are shipped and assembled by licensed installation companies, complete with permits and site preparation,” Marshall added. “This is truly a turn-key housing solution that will help many Canadians navigate the current housing market.”

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About Pacd Homes

Pacd Homes is a leading residential construction company based in Guelph, Ontario with a focus on creating affordable, cutting-edge modular homes as a solution to the ongoing housing crisis. With modern and sustainable designs, Pacd Homes is expanding opportunities for home ownership with cost-effective, turn-key home construction solutions via its proprietary rapid building system that streamlines the construction process. Pacd Homes is committed to sustainability, community engagement, and delivering high-quality homes to meet a diverse range of needs, from cost effective multi-generational housing options and rental income aspirations to groups seeking affordable community-based housing.

Media Contact & Interview Requests:

Paul Kendall, Marketing/PR Manager, Pacd Homes 

Phone: 226-821-5753 


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